Our Team


Geneen Georgiev – Owner


“I believe dance is a universal way for us to express emotions and share a story. It is through dance that we can connect personal experiences with one another, all while providing a creative release and inspiration for others to join. Dance builds confidence, creates moments of happiness, and energizes dancers and spectators alike. Dance is a language we all understand. I want everyone to experience the magic and awe dance offers… both on the stage or in the audience.
Geneen was raised on Gabriola Island, where she started her career as a classically-trained ballet dancer and competitive gymnast. From a young age, she understood the value dance has to positively shape individuals and communities. Her extensive background working as a performer and director in film, music videos, corporate events, and live shows including large-scale productions in Vancouver through, has cultivated in Geneen a passion for the arts.
As an entrepreneur, Geneen has launched 9 different businesses that revolve around the art of dance. For her future, the sky is the limit!

Vanessa Young – Director


Vanessa has been a performer for her entire life, and currently holds a Diploma in Dance and a Certificate in Performing Arts. In the past decade this 28 year old powerhouse has become a “Global Dance Citizen”, training and performing in Mexico, Europe, USA and Australia (where she produced her first large-scale show, “FEARLESS”). Her performance credits include shows with The Chic-A-Boom Room, Nuvo, Canadian Showgirlz Dance Company, The Dolls, DivaGirl, Superfly Entertainment and more. Recently, you may have seen her in the online reality series Jaclife (Canwest) featured on Slice.ca. She has choreographed for such artists as Xavier Rudd,
DJ Havana Brown, Chris Willis, T-Nile, The Midway State, and Addictiv, and has appeared in numerous music videos. Vanessa is also the owner and creator of The Lovers Cabaret, a fusion styled dance company that creates shows honouring iconic musicians of our time. Their season this past year was well received and critically acclaimed. Vancouver Weekly called it a “powerful work of art” with the “ability to create complex emotions
through a beautiful lens.”Come talk to me about my newest project—Dance Down South—I am excited to dance
up a storm with the Vancouver Island dancers in Mexico next summer!

Tess Montague – GSG Gogo Director

Tetessss Montague has been a part of the GSG team for almost two years. She began with us as a dancer and has recently took on a larger role with the company, running the go go dancers and helping out with events, either as a performer, or behind the scenes. Within these roles she has the responsibility of costume design, costume coordinator, event coordinator, management, art director, and the integral task of connecting, building and keeping relationships with clients. She is a hardworking, determined and creative person, eager to learn and perfect new skills and embracing any challenge that comes her way. Tess is a key member of GSG, attributing confidence and the motivation to continue growing our company.

Apart from GSG Productions, she has also worked at a private school as a full time Behavioral interventionist for the past three years. This position involves one-on-one support with children and students of all ages with anxiety disorders, or autism. Because of her desire and motivation to help people in need, as well as her natural ability for interacting with children with compassion and understanding, she has been able to provide support, with immense progress, creating a lasting difference in their lives. She confidently overcomes obstacles with motivation on her own, or through a developed team dynamic. Her personality, on and off stage, is friendly, positive and engaging, with a vibrant energy to fill the room.

When she’s not busy at work, you will catch her creating in one way or another. Whether it’s dancing in the Army of Sass dance group, playing music, photographing, painting, or decorating her home, there’s always a passion and joy radiating from her. She finds her inspiration through appreciating all the beauty in the world, which appears to be endless, and transmits it through love and an open-mind.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Geneen and GSG Productions for almost two years. She took me under her wing and taught, inspired, and supported me through dance. She has created so many opportunities for me to grow and develop as a person, and a dancer, and I have greatly appreciated every moment of it. I love working for GSG because there are many opportunities for learning new skills, social, physical, and educational; therefore opening up many doors, and allowing me to meet and grow close to some of the most amazing woman I know.”

Jojo Zolina – Creative Director

jojoJojo has trail-blazed a style and standard that has filtered itself into today’s mainstream dance world. With incredible artistry, he has reinvented a technique that has quickly become coveted by artists such as Madonna, La Roux, Michael Buble, and Lady Sovereign. He has travelled to countries as far as Russia, Italy, and France to represent and share his craft. His fluid, signature style has captured audiences internationally at events such as London and Paris Fashion Week. He is a well known commodity in the dance industry worldwide earning the respect from the best in the business.

Among his noteworthy achievements, Jojo has performed in feature films Pacific Rim, Dr. Doolittle 3, Reefer Madness and Catwoman, TV series’ The L-Word, Eureka, and Caprica and played the award winner of Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival as OO OO the main character for stage musical Prison Dancer plus the original cast of Spectra’s Cabaret and Pixel of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Productions. His diverse skill set led him to other job titles including creative director for the 2013 Beauties of Asia Pageant and 2013 Miss Philippines Beauty Pageant, judge for New Music Live on MuchMusic, and choreographer for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. He owns Jojo Zolina Produc- tions, has choreographed music videos for Cory Lee and Brock Zanrosso (YTV), and performed with Michael Buble, K-OS, La Roux, and Nelly Furtado. A fan of Madonnas it was a pleasure running her Hard Candy Fitness Center in Toronto. Now back in Vancouver Jojo is ready to bring is worldly experience and artistry to grow our cities artistic and entertainment scene.

Leigh Machnee – Administrative Assistant

Leigh has been involved with dance in one way or another since she was 6 years old. Her desire to pursue her passion brought her to Vancouver from Victoria, BC., where she trained in and taught jazz and ballet.

Leigh obtained a BFA in Contemporary dance from Simon Fraser University, where she studied Graham, Cunningham, and other modern dance techniques intensively. Since arriving in Vancouver, her interests have expanded to include heels dance, salsa, and aerial circus arts.

Though she still performs, and has especially enjoyed becoming a part of the Army of Sass family, Leigh is now focusing on working behind the scenes in the dance industry. As the Administrative Assistant for GSG Productions, Leigh takes pride in building relationships with companies across Canada, and in turn providing work for Canadian dancers.

Faye Tassioulas – Sales

fayeFaye has been mesmerized by movement and dance since childhood. While stage-fright kept her away from the spotlight in ballet class as a child, she finally realized her dreams of performing as an adult under the professional and encouraging direction of Geneen, Vanessa, and the Army of Sass team. Having personally experienced the transformative power of dance in such a positive atmosphere, Faye became an ardent fan of GSG Productions and their mission in sharing the joy of dance throughout Vancouver and beyond. 

Starting in the fall of 2016, Faye is thrilled to support companies and event planners in exploring ways GSG Productions can elevate parties to spectacular experiences that attendees will buzzing about for a long time after. Faye would love to guide you through the steps of creating a memorable affair for your guests — send me a message to get started!

In addition to cracking cheesy jokes as a teacher, Faye loves to learn and teach yoga, travel, cycle, photograph her world, and grace the nearest studio or living room with her slick dance moves.