Corporate Events


We provide marketing for recognized brands across Canada. Our performers, costumed to fit your Brand, will engage and enthrall your audience, creating intrigue for your company.


We design dynamic interludes and energizing numbers to keep audiences enthralled and entertained. With our array of dancers, costumes, and choreography, we easily cater to all genres of music.


Looking for a way to build excitement and energy at your next conference or meeting? GSG Productions will arrange all the details to bring flair and inspiration to rev up your attendants.


Flash mobs – the act of collecting seeming strangers into a group to dance a musical number in a public space – is a powerful message to send potential clients and customers. Think of it as a commercial come to life that spectators cannot help but feel intrigued about. They will appreciate the artistic break, enjoy catchy music, and also be informed about your company’s services, products, or events in a visually delightful display!


Elevate the ambiance of your next event. Our performers are experienced in creating emotion and atmosphere through movement and dance. Invite your guests to join in on a whimsical journey, and leave them reminiscing long after.


Whether you need extras for your promotional video or a flash mob to promote your business, we have variety of options to help you make your business stand apart from the rest.


We provide an innovative approach to bringing teams together. Through the structure of dance class, we help your team build trust and strengthen relationships and communication in a fun setting. The group will leave with a renewed sense of focus and motivation.