GSG Productions proudly represents many of Vancouver’s great talents. We cater to all styles of dance.

  • Professionally-trained
    10 minute contortion routines including acrobatics and partnering acts for a total of 4 sets. Performers will be dressed in tasteful costumes suitable for the occasion and be interactive and playful with the crowd
  • GoGo & Free Style Dancers
    – Freestyle dancers will perform 15 minutes sets with short breaks. GSG will provide custom fitted and designed outfits that flatter the girls and enhance the theme for the evening—there can be guys, poppers, etc…
  • Promo Girls
    These ladies will walk around promoting or advertising the client/ company/sponsor. Example: They can be given the appropriate apparel with the company logos, to wear throughout the night. This needs to be sold more in a corporate way.
  • Models
    These gorgeous women will be dressed in the appropriate attire to fi t the Canada Day theme and will walk around, mingle with guests and dazzle the party with their charm! Not only do these ladies know how to host an epic party, but they provide an attentive presence that allows your guests to feel comfortable and have a great time!
  • Emcees
    These professional emcees are great at exciting a crowd, and having fun with your audience! Add in their skills with reading scripts, interaction activities and their overall ease on a microphone, and we guarantee you the perfect host to your event!
  • Singers
    Want to make your event go from great to unforgettable? One of our enchanting singers can captivate and entertain your guests. Our professional singers will dazzle in costumes designed to fit your theme. Ranging from 5-10 minutes, the songs and styles are tailored to meet your needs. Ask us about integrating your company and inspirations into these shows.”

Please fill out the ‘Book Now‘ form with detail on your inquiry or vision, and we will provide details tailored to your request.